Thursday, November 15, 2018
Monterey Mills is North America's largest sliver knitter and paint roller fabric supplier.
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Monterey Mills has whatever you're looking for! Whether you're making a plush stuffed teddy bear, a luxuriously soft fur coat, or dependable and comfortable hospital pads, we have everything you need! From animal print fabric, shag fabric, shearling fabric, and Persian Kurl fabric, we've got you covered!

About Ordering Goods

  • Order 4 or more rolls and receive a 15% discount!
  • Order 11 or more rolls and receive a 20% discount!

All of our fabric is sold in precut rolls.
These rolls may be more or less than 15 yards.
Customers will be billed for the actual yardage shipped. All prices are per yard.

If you see something you like, or if you have questions about any of our products, please contact us at
and select Option 5 for Customer Service.

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