Thursday, November 15, 2018
Monterey Mills is North America's largest sliver knitter and paint roller fabric supplier.

Order 4 or more rolls and receive a 15% Discount!
Order 11 or more rolls and receive a 20% Discount!

Monterey Mills most popular fabric is our PLUSH Pile. Made of100% Acrylic Fiber, and with a Pile height: 1/2" and 60" width, it is perfect for your Crafting needs, as well as the lining for FUR garments, and the making of Teddy Bears. PLUSH has a weight of 16 oz. 
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Butterscotch Plush

Plush - Butterscotch Plush

Code: 1361-1680A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Black Plush


Plush - Black Plush

Code: 1361-8060A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Cherry Plush


Plush - Cherry Red Plush

Code: 1361-3570A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Camel Plush

Plush - Camel Plush

Code: 1361-7350A
Price per Yard: $9.63

College Gold Plush


Plush - College Gold Plush

Code: 1361-1491A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Coffee Plush


Plush - Coffee Plush

Code: 1361-7680A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Mustang Plush

Plush - Mustang Plush

Code: 1361-2620A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Lime Green Plush


Plush - Lime Green Plush

Code: 1361-6080A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Purple Plush

Plush - Purple Plush

Code: 1361-4520A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Poppy Orange Plush

Plush - Poppy Orange Plush

Code: 1361-2320A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Snap Dragon

Plush - Snapdragon Plush

Code: 1361-3170A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Royal Blue Plush


Plush - Royal Blue Plush

Code: 1361-5300A
Price per Yard: $9.63

White Plush

Plush - White Plush

Code: 1361-0021A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Sterling Grey Plush


Plush - Sterling Grey Plush

Code: 1361-8390A
Price per Yard: $9.63


Plush - Emerald Green Plush

Code: 1361-6230A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Yellow Plush


Plush - Yellow Plush

Code: 1361-1120A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Burgundy Plush

Plush - Burgandy Plush

Code: 1361-3890A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Light Pink Plush


Plush - Light Pink Plush

Code: 1361-3070A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Navy Blue Plush


Plush - Navy Blue Plush

Code: 1361-5720A
Price per Yard: $9.63

Cuddle Blue Plush


Plush - Cuddle Blue Plush

Code: 1361-5641A
Price per Yard: $9..63

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